July 2014
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through a child’s eyes

Viewing Christmas décor
through a child’s eyes

The most rewarding part of dreaming up, designing and installing a new Holiday program lies splendidly in the looks on the children’s faces. They do not know what went into the concept meetings, the time lines, the costs of the program, the manufacturing challenges or any of the other details which had been analyzed and ironed out throughout many months of the process. All they know is the magic. They know the beautiful new decorations mean Santa will soon be visiting. Their eyes provide an entirely different view.

As adults we are cognizant of the business aspect of the Holidays and our purchase. Will this display create revenues to top off fourth quarter projections over the next 4-10 years? Will the program drive traffic to my destination? How will my visitors respond to the newly decorated environment? What will be the return on my investment? The questions go on and on. These are all valid and quite often the primary motivation for obtaining new adornment.

However, after reviewing the fiscal benefits of your new program, after the program details are completed and it is finally installed, take a moment and view Christmas through a child’s eyes. It is a brilliant view