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June 2015
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Raised by Christmas

If there is anyone who understands Christmas and everything that comes with planning for the 25th of December, it’s me. I was born to an Irish warehouse manager father and an American Head of Logistics mother, both employees of The Becker Group. My childhood was spent on forklifts and inside the Christmas house. The conversations around our dinner table were dominated by the newest products and the latest designs. Most kids learn colors via Sesame Street or picture books; I however learned color palettes by… Read More >

July 2014
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through a child’s eyes

Viewing Christmas décor
through a child’s eyes

The most rewarding part of dreaming up, designing and installing a new Holiday program lies splendidly in the looks on the children’s faces. They do not know what went into the concept meetings, the time lines, the costs of the program, the manufacturing challenges or any of the other details which had been analyzed and ironed out throughout many months of the process. All they know is the magic. They know the beautiful new decorations mean Santa will soon be visiting. Their eyes provide an… Read More >

June 2014
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Transformation at Turkey Creek

The simple act of adorning your outdoor space for the holidays is quite special, not only attracting added visitors but also entertaining them, seasoning the already festive flare of the occasion. Unique lighting, amusing props, distinct signage and signature ornamentation all add to the aura.  The choice of colors and shapes may be determined by the setting itself; yet, it should be inspired by personal taste paying special attention to the desired guest ambiance. The transformation stage provides the titillation urging all to wonder of the… Read More >

May 2014
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Welcome to our new website!

The Becker Group is proud to announce the launch of our new website! We hope you enjoy browsing our portfolio and getting to know the team. And don’t forget to check our blog frequently for the latest news, events, and holiday decor trends. Enjoy! Read More >

April 2014
Comments Off on Buying Holiday Décor:
When and where to start

Buying Holiday Décor:
When and where to start

Buying Décor for your property is a process that can take as long as a year to do correctly.  It begins with an evaluation of your existing materials. What is the condition? Is the coverage and theme still consistent with your properties objectives? The holiday season is also when you need to get out and see what your competition is doing and how they compare to what you currently have. If possible take photos of things you liked and did not like. During installation and dismantle… Read More >