Since 1953, The Becker Group has worked its magic throughout the United States and in more than 25 countries around the world, transforming venues into virtual wonderlands.

We have earned an international reputation for exceeding our clients’ wildest dreams, creating spectacular experiences that embrace the holiday spirit inherent in every location and culture. Having designed, created, built and provided just the right product to thousands of venues across the globe for decades, we have now returned to our roots as a privately held company which gives us the flexibility to dream unconditionally and the dexterity to finesse your unique environment for each and every holiday or event. Our mantra, “making reindeers fly,” suits us perfectly. It reflects our limitless creativity and soaring spirits in our new-found autonomy.

Our Operations

Our team of talented artisans, designers, and client service professionals has over 100 years of collective experience, making us not only the pioneer but also the leader in the unique niche market of holiday décor. We excel at collaborating with clients as well as innovating and driving the process required to take ideas from inspiration to the “drawing board” and then to wonderful reality. Our attention to detail permeates the production process elevating the end result to the realm of the unforgettable. Craftsmen and women lovingly decorate, fabricate and erect the most astonishing creations and package them for safe delivery to your venue ready to drop into place. Our programs then deliver on our promise to create holiday magic for you.

Our Advantage

With over six decades of imagining and creating immersive holiday experiences, our team has the proven track record and hard-won skills to deliver preeminent environments. Today’s consumer, whether through entertainment, shopping or travel, wants to enjoy a unique, memorable “moment” with family, friends, and colleagues. Not only do we have the expertise to create those unparalleled experiences, we have the passion and drive to go above and beyond your expectations – taking a holiday program for your venue to the highest level of creativity, service and quality! We dream big for you to create the magic you desire, and then we bring it to life at your door. Dream with us – and you’ll discover reindeers do, indeed, fly.