April 2014
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When and where to start

Buying Holiday Décor:
When and where to start

Buying Décor for your property is a process that can take as long as a year to do correctly.  It begins with an evaluation of your existing materials. What is the condition? Is the coverage and theme still consistent with your properties objectives? The holiday season is also when you need to get out and see what your competition is doing and how they compare to what you currently have. If possible take photos of things you liked and did not like.

During installation and dismantle careful attention should be made to any items that you hope to reuse in the new purchase to assure that they can indeed be reuse and will last the length of the new items. Trees, fence and sales counters are some of the most reused items from the Santa set. Make sure and inventory of all items to be kept is created.

This is also a good time to determine what was successful or not in the existing program and determine what needs to be developed to assure that the new purchase is a hit for your shopper. Are there special events in your community which you might want to tie in with? Are there Holiday tradition at your property you might want to embellish?

Most importantly this is to time to determine budget parameters and how much you will want to spend in the properties spaces. In general the Santa reception area will have the larger part of the budget, overhead both high and low another consideration and other area such and exterior treatment might want to be part of the equation.