June 2015
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Raised by Christmas

If there is anyone who understands Christmas and everything that comes with planning for the 25th of December, it’s me. I was born to an Irish warehouse manager father and an American Head of Logistics mother, both employees of The Becker Group. My childhood was spent on forklifts and inside the Christmas house. The conversations around our dinner table were dominated by the newest products and the latest designs. Most kids learn colors via Sesame Street or picture books; I however learned color palettes by fabric samples, paint swatches, and a pms chart. By the age of 6 I knew the difference between by an LED and incandescent light. By 10 I could recite the 6 type of snows that Becker stocks. Now at the age of 17, I am no longer some employee’s son, but instead the President’s kid, and an employee myself. My summer is now spent working in the warehouse and the office. I do anything from driving the same forklifts I rode in with my Dad, to writing blog posts and running errands for the entire team. Some would look at me as just having the job because of my Dad, but that assumption doesn’t take into account two key factors. The first is that while this company is a family, no one is hired simply because of their relationships outside of work. The other item that is necessary to remember is that for 6,261 days, I have been surrounded by the company and the holiday that runs it. I have been raised around Christmas, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.    Séamus Woods